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Best Restaurants in East Wichita

Best Restaurants in East Wichita

It's the weekend, and you're craving something you can't make at home. You run a quick Google search for local restaurants, but the results aren't nearby. Disappointed, you settle on fast food... Again.

Sound familiar? If you've just moved to the area or don't have time to get out much, you may not know where to find the best restaurants in East Wichita. We're here to help you out.

Next time you're in the mood to dine out or pick up, skip the fast food line and try these highly-rated nearby restaurants instead.

Asian Bistro

Asian Bistro is the place to be for some of the best Vietnamese food in town. The Wichita-based, family-owned business serves up authentic fare, which you can pick up from their South Webb location or dine in.

Some of the menu's most popular items include pho, boba tea or smoothies, and rice or noodle pairings. Returning customers praise the fresh vegetables, diet-specific options, and delicious dumplings. Some have even called Asian Bistro's pho one of the best in the US!


Meddy's is a popular Mediterranean chain with roots in Wichita. There are multiple Meddy's locations across the greater Wichita area, including one right around the corner from Brookwood Apartments!

The restaurant specializes in fresh, made-to-order dishes inspired by the Middle East. Try the chicken or beef shawarma, which won Sandwich of the Year in 2014. Other fan favorites include the hummus and house-made pita, garlic chicken and seasoned potatoes, and beef kabob with baba ganoush.

Poblano's Mexican Grill

Love Chipotle but craving something fresher and more authentic? If so, Poblano's is the East Wichita restaurant for you. The workers at this fast-casual eatery prepare everything fresh as you place your order online or in person.

Decide between a stacked rice bowl, chunky burrito, or cheesy quesadilla before choosing all your favorite proteins and toppings. The steak or chicken rice bowl with pinto beans, salsa verde, pico, cheese, cilantro, and jalapenos comes highly recommended by Poblano's fans.

Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q

Hog Wild is a Kansas-based restaurant with six locations across the greater Wichita area. The restaurant offers made-to-order and catering services, perfect for sports-watching events and other large get-togethers.

The main attractions are, of course, the meats: smoky pulled pork or chicken, fall-apart beef brisket, spicy hot links, and tender turkey breast. Get your favorite meat piled onto a sandwich or on a plate with their country sides. Fan favorite menu items include the burnt tips sandwich and brisket spud.

The Nelson's Kitchen

New in 2022, The Nelson's Kitchen is a carryout restaurant from the owners of Brint's Diner. It's also the only place in Wichita where you can get the Wings and Things Valerie's Sweet Heat wing sauce.

Featuring everything from tacos to burgers, The Nelson Kitchen's menu makes it hard not to find something you'll like. If you must decide, get the sweet heat or spicy Hawaiian wings with a side of steamed cabbage and a big cup of Kool-Aid to wash it all down.

Teriyaki House

If you are looking for a restaurant within walking distance of Brookwood Apartments, Teriyaki House is it. This low-key Japanese spot serves up hot and fresh dishes in the blink of an eye and for an incredibly affordable price.

Popular dishes on the menu include the teriyaki chicken and hot basil beef bowls, as well as the Tom Yum soups. The Thai soy sauce noodles, shrimp bowl with spicy basil fried rice, and red chicken curry are also must-tries when you stop by or order from this 50-year-old hole in the wall.

Angelo's Italian Food

Angelo's is a Witchita-based restaurant that has been around for 65 years. Though once located in other areas of town, East Witchita is proud to be home to this local favorite's South Oliver location.

The menu has an array of Italian classics, including lasagna, manicotti, subs, homemade sausages, and desserts. But the real attraction is the pizza, which the owners have been handmaking since the 1950s. The customer consensus is that the deluxe pizza is the best on the menu and one of the best in town.

Hot Potato Bar

Craving something hot and filling after a day on your feet at Towne East Square? Stop by Hot Potato Bar, a build-your-own baked potato restaurant featuring some pretty cool potato-cooking tech.

Ordering is a multi-step process, starting with your choice of plain, veggie-filled, or meat and veggie potato. Next, you'll add mix-ins like cheese, mayo, butter, and seasoning. The final step is to pile your spud high with veggies, meats, or both for a bespoke baked potato that is 100% unique to you.

Village Inn

Village Inn is a Colorado-based restaurant that has expanded to a handful of states across the US, including our very own Wichita. Lucky for you, the East Wichita location is nearby and the perfect spot for an American brunch.

If you're craving something sweet, try the strawberry crepes or a slice of the 'Best Pie in America.' The sausage gravy skillet or, on the lighter side, the cobb salad with blue cheese dressing are other highly-rated items on the menu at Village Inn.

Try These Restaurants in East Wichita

Keep this list handy for the next time you're searching for restaurants in East Wichita. Our area has so many types of food to offer, whether you're craving American food, Italian cuisine, Asian food, or Mexican fare.

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